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The National Alliance of Wound Care (NAWC), a multidisciplinary professional certification organization offering the WCC credential to nurses of all levels, and physicians and their assistants, has announced that it is seeking nominations for 3 distinguished awards and a scholarship.


Cathy M. Modlin, RN, BSN, CWOCN, ET, WCC, NAWC President, stated, "In an effort to further advance the NAWC goals and objectives for 2007, we have established 3 awards and a scholarship to be given to deserving WCCs at the Wild on Wounds (WOW) Conference in Baltimore this September."


The NAWC is seeking WCC nominations for 1 winner in each of the following categories: Outstanding Research in Wound Care; Outstanding Community Outreach for the Prevention and Awareness of Diabetes, and the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes-Related Wounds; and Outstanding WCC of the Year.


Based on the following criteria, the NAWC Board will judge the most deserving WCC in each category:


* Outstanding Research in Wound Care: Contributes to the development of the practice of wound care through research; collaborates with colleagues and other wound care professionals to facilitate research; communicates research findings through publication and presentation at professional meetings; actively promotes utilization of research in practice or education; and mentors the development of other researchers.


* Outstanding Community Outreach for the Prevention and Awareness of Diabetes, and the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes-Related Wounds: Contributes to the promotion of diabetes education in the community; volunteers professional time in the treatment of diabetes-related wounds in the community; recruits/mentors other wound care professionals in the prevention and treatment of diabetes-related wounds in the community; organizes community outreach events on the prevention and awareness of diabetes and diabetes-related wounds; and serves as a liaison between the health care setting and the community in diabetes and diabetic wound care related outreach.


* Outstanding WCC of the Year: Demonstrates expertise in the clinical practice of wound care; mentors and promotes the development of clinical expertise in other wound care professionals; utilizes current research and wound care related literature in professional practice; participates actively in community outreach, wound care legislation or professional wound care organizations; and collaborates with other wound care professionals to improve the delivery of quality care.



The NAWC is also seeking nominations from our WCC or NAWC association members for a scholarship to be awarded for tuition to the WCEI course in Skin & Wound Management and the NAWC Certification Examination. One qualified applicant who has been recommended by an active NAWC member will be chosen for this scholarship. The recipient will be a wound care professional aspiring to further his/her education in wound care by earning the WCC credential. All applicants must meet the WCC eligibility requirements as set forth by the NAWC.


Nomination forms and instructions can be found on the NAWC Web site at All entries must be received before July 15, 2007. Winners will be notified by mail, by August 15th, so they can make plans to attend the WOW conference and accept their awards.


The NAWC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to unifying wound care providers from different educational backgrounds in an effort to streamline the delivery of quality care to patients through the certification of its practitioners. For more information on the benefits of becoming a member at any level, or how to become certified, contact Debbie Hecker, RN, MBA, WCC, Executive Director, at 877-922-6292, or visit