1. Nurse-Clarke , Natasha
  2. Freedle , Agata
  3. Bindeman , Julie
  4. Jarvis , Jennifer
  5. Sember , Jessica


Perinatal loss, the tragic event of losing a baby before, during, or shortly after birth, is a profoundly distressing experience for any family. We focus on the unique challenges faced by diverse families, encompassing those from underrepresented racial, ethnic, religious, and LGBTQ+ backgrounds. Diverse families often encounter inadequate support, misunderstandings, and even mistreatment during their perinatal loss journeys due to cultural insensitivity and biases. This review underscores the necessity of a trauma-informed, person-centered approach to perinatal bereavement care that respects the diversity of those affected. We emphasize the importance of understanding various cultural perspectives on grief and mortality to provide appropriate and empathetic care.Our core purpose is to elucidate the challenges confronting diverse families dealing with perinatal loss and to offer actionable strategies for health care providers. By addressing these unique challenges, nurses and other health care professionals can offer culturally sensitive, person-centered support during this distressing time. This review can serve as a resource for nurses and other health care providers, enabling them to provide personalized, culturally sensitive care to diverse families experiencing perinatal loss through a trauma-informed lens. Recognizing and addressing these distinctive needs fosters healing and ensures that nurses and other health care providers are better equipped to guide families through the challenging journey of perinatal bereavement.