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  1. Ulrich, Beth T. EdD, RN, FACHE, FAAN
  2. Buerhaus, Peter I. PhD, RN, FAAN
  3. Donelan, Karen ScD
  4. Norman, Linda DSN, RN
  5. Dittus, Robert MD, MPH


Objectives: To compare how registered nurses view the work environment and the nursing shortage based on the Magnet status of their organizations.


Background: The upsurge in organizations pursuing and obtaining Magnet recognition provides increased opportunities to investigate whether and how registered nurses who are employed in Magnet organizations and organizations pursuing Magnet status perceive differences in the nursing shortage, hospitals' responses to the shortage, characteristics of the work environment, and professional relationships.


Methods: A nationally representative sample of registered nurses licensed to practice in the United States was surveyed. The views of registered nurses who worked in Magnet organizations, organizations in the process of applying for Magnet status, and non-Magnet organizations were analyzed as independent groups.


Results: Significant differences were found. Although there is a clear Magnet difference, there are also identifiable differences that occur during the pursuit of Magnet recognition.


Conclusion: Many organizations in the process of applying for Magnet status rated higher than Magnet organizations, indicating that there is much to do to maintain the comparative advantages for Magnet hospitals.