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  1. Mensik, Jennifer S. PhD, MBA, RN


Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine what home health nurses perceived to be the Essentials of Magnetism in the home healthcare setting.


Background: Research in the acute care setting has established relationships between organizational attributes, nurse satisfaction, and quality outcomes. However, little is known in the home health setting on the importance and the impact of these relationships. More research is needed to further understand the implications to home healthcare.


Methods: Registered nurses (N = 260) were asked to identify the top 10 attributes from the 37-item Dimensions of Magnetism instrument developed by Kramer and Schmalenberg. The top 10 Essentials of Magnetism attributes were obtained by tabulation of the number of respondents to each question.


Results: The results showed that 7 of the top 8 Essentials of Magnetism items chosen by the home health nurses (n = 106) were the same Essentials of Magnetism items chosen by acute care nurses in previous studies. A test-retest of the top 10 items revealed a high level of reliability (.77).


Conclusion: Although the results demonstrate similar attributes as those identified in the acute care setting, noted differences need further review to understand their role in registered nurse satisfaction and quality.