1. Villaverde-Núñez , Alberto
  2. Ramírez-López , María Teresa
  3. Antón-Rodríguez , Cristina
  4. Hammel , Inés Constanze
  5. Pérez Ramos , Cristina
  6. Álvarez Villarreal , Miriam
  7. Ruíz Fernández , Sandra
  8. Arriero López , Beatriz
  9. Hernández Cordobés , Gema
  10. Manzano Guerrero , Nemesio
  11. Baena Ruíz , Laura
  12. Guerra-Llamas , María Isabel


COVID-19 is associated with affectations in the nutritional status and biomarkers in hemodialysis patients. In this study, vaccines have shown a protective effect against the clinical consequences of COVID. However, they have shown limitations in preventing the deterioration of nutritional status after infection. The results highlight the importance of promoting the vaccination in these patients as well as incorporating nutritional assessment before, during, and after the infection.