1. Stiehl , James B.


This case report reviews the effect of combining a 250-cc bottle of standard antimicrobial, buffered sodium hypochlorite with a surgical method, low-pressure jet lavage irrigation in the outpatient setting to control difficult wound contamination. A 73-year-old man had been in treatment for over 8 years, undergoing at least 18 surgical wound debridement procedures for an extensive undermined pelvic pressure injury involving the sacrum, ischium, and greater trochanter. Cultures and polymerase chain reaction diagnostics revealed a multibacterial presence. Autofluorescent imaging (AFI) was used in 21 examinations performed after a 72-hour delay over a long weekend. The AFI contamination exceeded log 4 colony-forming units/g of tissue in all pretreatment examinations and was reduced to less than log 2 colony-forming units in 6 of 21 examinations, with the remaining 15 showing an estimated 80% or higher removal of the bacterial porphyrin “red” appearance. A total of 54 AFI examinations were performed using the combination treatment, and no adverse reactions were encountered. Treatment paradigms can be improved with a multifactorial approach.