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RencoMed Introduces IV Infection Control Product

Sixteen states around the country currently mandate public disclosure of infection rates at individual hospitals, and several more have submitted legislation to do so. In response to this trend, RencoMed has introduced a patented infection control and hygiene product that protects IV sites from moisture-borne infections.


RencoMed's disposable, waterproof DrySite Sleeve provides excellent freedom of movement, allowing patients with chronically implanted IV catheters-a major source of hospital acquired infections-to wash, bathe, swim, and exercise while reducing the risk of infection. The sleeve applies easily and quickly and replaces risky and time-consuming make-shift solutions, such as wrapping the site with cellophane and tape. For ordering information, visit or call Paul Dozier at 978-526-8494.


Vaxcel(R) PICC with PASV(R) Valve Technology Safety Intermediate Kits

With the PASV Valve's demonstrated reduction in catheter occlusions and catheter-associated infections1, 2 as its foundation, consider the new Boston Scientific Safety Intermediate PICC Kit-for nurses by nurses with all the essentials in mind. If you require more than the essentials, design your own kit via the Convenience Kit Program. For more information, visit




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