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Honesty Still the Best Policy

For the second year in a row, a Gallup Poll survey on honesty and ethics in professions finds the American public rates nursing as the field with the highest standards of honesty and ethics. Almost eight in ten Americans (79%) say nurses have very high or high ethical standards. Pharmacists finished second with 67%, while veterinarians (66%) and physicians (63%) finished third and fourth, respectively.-D. Carlson, The Gallup Organization website, accessed August 8, 2001, quoted in Nursing Spectrum, September 10, 2001


Big Changes for the IPNRC

As of January 1, 2002, the ownership of the International Parish Nurse Resource Center has been transferred from Advocate Health Care, related to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the United Church of Christ, to the Deaconess Parish Nurse Ministries, an entity of the Deaconess Foundation in St. Louis, Missouri. This includes the annual Westberg Symposium, now scheduled for September 25-27, 2002, at the Millennium Hotel in downtown St. Louis. The new executive director is The Rev. Deborah Patterson; Alvyne Rethemeyer serves as the director of parish nursing.


Kenya Is Calling

If you are a junior or senior student in your nursing program, or a recent grad, and have ever considered medical missions, here's an experience you won't want to miss!! Join the team of forty college students and staff next summer in Kenya, and use your nursing skills to show the love of Jesus in a place of great need. You will: grow in compassion for God's world; learn how health care is practiced in a developing country; see God disciple and change you in profound ways; have one of the closest team experiences of a lifetime. For more information visit the Kenya website, and click on Africa. Or e-mail the directors of the Kenya Global Project, Brian and Debbie Lee (RN), [email protected].


Angel Flight

For over nine years, Angel Flight East (AFE) has been supplying free flights in private planes to medically and financially needy children and adults requiring specialized medical treatment far from home. Originally created in response to Hurricane Andrew, AFE now has two hundred pilots who donate their time and aircraft to fly those in need. AFE's pilots transported emergency personnel, blood, search dogs and critical supplies following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. If you would like more information or wish to help them raise awareness about their volunteer efforts in people's time of need, call (800) 383-9464 or e-mail [email protected].


Foot Care Ministry

In 1993 Anita Hammack was a recently-retired RN when she read an article about a Virginia woman, Frances Parker, who, after her conversion to Christ, wanted to do something Jesus would do. She got permission from health authorities to begin a foot washing ministry for adults who, because of physical limitations, found it difficult to reach their feet. Mrs. Hammack and her Fort Smith, Arkansas, church's Women on Mission group conducted an interest survey, confirming the need. Next came training with a medical doctor, observation at a foot clinic, practice on artificial nails-and then on each other. God has blessed the ministry since they opened for business in June 1993, two days each month, one day to the public, one day to a nearby retirement home. Mrs. Hammack says, "When we provide foot care, we are saying in a hands-on way, 'God loves you.'" For information on operating a foot care ministry, write Anita Hammack, 2425 Ionia, Fort Smith, AR 72901.-Karen Cole, For Faith and Family's LIGHT magazine, summer 2001


Perinatal Hospice

When prenatal tests show a pregnant woman that her unborn baby has serious or lethal fetal anomalies, the physician often encourages an abortion, thinking it is the easy way out and can save the grief of caring for a baby doomed to die. But now a new concept of perinatal hospices offers parents the support and healing needed during the emotional turmoil that is part of the pregnancy and birth of babies diagnosed with difficult and often fatal disorders. Perinatal hospices provide an alternative to the solution of abortion that often heightens the guilt of parents who may be blaming themselves for their imperfect child. Sonographers, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, nurses, neonatologists, chaplains, pastors, social service providers all play vital roles in caring for mother and child during the pregnancy. Mother and baby are closely monitored with ultrasound and testing to confirm diagnosis and to follow the pregnancy through delivery. If requested, autopsies and other tests are performed after the baby's death to give parents information about their child and future pregnancies. The hospice program is high touch, not high tech. Family members and other children are involved, money for the funeral is raised, if needed, and other forms of support are provided. Four perinatal centers are presently in operation: The Alexander House, Kansas City, Mo.; Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, Wash.; Choices Medical Clinic, Wichita, Kans.; LifeLinks, Waukesha, Wisc.-National Right to Life News, April 2001


Consider the Lily

Each of us needs simple, restful disciplines. All of us who struggle with compulsive behavior recognize our tendency to avoid activities that nurture our souls. We tend to be too consumed, too busy. When Jesus told us to consider the lily, he was no doubt taking the time to gaze at the flower as he spoke. When we enhance our lives and heal our hearts, we build hopeful, productive lives.-Dale Wolery in Steps, vol. 12 #1, 2001


Heartbeat Therapy

Babies fall asleep faster with soothing sounds of heartbeat. Since Dr. Lee Salk discovered this, numerous studies have reinforced his findings. They show that heartbeat therapy has a positive, soothing influence on newborns, babies, neonates and post-op patients. TheSleeping NaturallyCD offers sixty minutes of gently rolling ocean waves interwoven with real heartbeats. Nature's Lullabyincorporates pure sounds of nature, human heartbeats and classic lullaby songs on flute and piano. For more information call (800) 216-2616 or visit the website