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I am a parish nurse and an advanced practice nurse-nurse practitioner blessed with the opportunity to own and operate a health care clinic based on biblical ministry principles. The clinic is a reflection of parish community nursing. The nurse practitioners who work with me, as well as the receptionist and family counselor, are Christians. We, as a team, take a Christ-mandated approach to meeting the community's health needs and beyond. The clinic is in an under-served area in Camden, New Jersey.

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We are tracking health problems such as asthma, hypertension and diabetes mellitus for evidence-based positive outcomes. However, it is just as likely to see staff members praying with a patient as to see them providing physical care. Soon we will begin weekly Bible studies. My goal is to meet not only the physical but spiritual needs of my patients.


Community and parish nursing are not mutually exclusive. We are a family practice, treating all ages, and we even do house calls. I hope that we make a distinct difference in the lives of our patients.