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As a nursing faculty member in a faith-based university, I teach nursing from a Christian worldview and biblical perspective. The mission and purpose of the university's department of nursing program is to prepare our students to practice nursing as a ministry. During a class session with undergraduate students, we discussed ways to integrate faith, hope and Christian witness into nursing. The students concluded that there are many different ways that one can share the good news and incorporate Christ-centered care into everyday practice. Specific possibilities they suggested included leading someone to the Lord, extending kindness, being a good listener, praying, being sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading and connecting with patients and families in a manner that reflects Christ's genuine care and concern.

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One senior student described a situation in which a patient apologized because she was unable to wash her own feet. The student took the opportunity to explain to the patient that she considered it a privilege to wash her feet because that was what Jesus, her Savior, did for others. With her words of faith, she witnessed to Christ's love and humility. Other students described conversations with patients about their spiritual well-being and beliefs. Some offered to read Scripture or sing hymns. Over the years, I have provided students with examples of my experiences that illustrate how nursing and ministry are intertwined. Sharing stories of practice celebrates how nurses make a difference in the lives of others and provides exemplars for nurses to follow.


Seasoned Christian nurses, as well as those who are just beginning, have personal stories to share that can encourage others to sow seeds of faith and provide models of ministry through nursing. Following are narratives of undergraduate nursing students who had memorable experiences of ministering to their patients and making a spiritual connection.