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Feedback on Spring

Thank you so much for the three practical and thought-provoking articles on parish nursing and health ministry in the spring 2003 issue. Our HealthEast Parish Nurse Network has had numerous discussions on the use of AEDs in churches. "Hands-on Care: Does Your Church Need an AED?" by Carrico. This article can serve as a helpful reference for both current and future parish nurses in our Network.


I also appreciated Chase-Ziolek's article, "Rethinking Our Terms: Health Ministry or Ministry of Health?" and her challenge to think more broadly about various "Ministries of Health" and the impact our use of language has on our understanding of what we do. Maddox's "Clinical Experience in Parish Nursing," gave me new ideas to incorporate in our work with nursing students with various learning needs. I found the entire issue compelling. Thank you for your continued commitment to excellence and up-to-the-minute relevance!!


Lori Anderson


St. Paul, MN


The spring 2003 JCN is a good balance of caring for the body while being motivated by Christ's compassion for lonely, frightened, needy people. Clinical instructor Bence was courageous in assigning a student, Amy, to patient Flora, in isolation, with the unusual maggot therapy. ER nurse practitioner Campbell honestly shared her struggle to stitch the drunk patient who caused the death of a child. Ruth Ewert's care of street kids and Niculina's concern for orphans challenges us to think creatively about society's marginalized people.


After reading Sabrina Kao's story, how can we not be challenged to rejoice in suffering? The prayer network from Texas to Wisconsin to Kansas to Colorado, then around the country, is a wonderful example of God responding to the prayers of his people.


Rhea Christopher


Pittsburgh, PA



I look forward to every issue of JCN. I appreciate having an RN publication with a Christian perspective. Keep up the good work.


Jennifer Smith


Sacramento, CA


I receive copies of JCN in Cambodia as a gift from a nursing friend in the United States. It is an encouragement to read JCN; it is also my source of reference in some of my church-based nursing work in Cambodia.


Sharon Lapasaaran




Thanks for a great journal. I've been a nurse for eleven years, and JCN has been a great find for me.


Mary Crabb


Gig Harbor, WA


Thank you for the Journal of Christian Nursing. It is a wonderful and informative resource, and I gain much from reading the articles. I especially liked, "CPR on Board the Metro" by Toth.


Sam Gare


Los Angeles, CA


Thank you for this Christian nursing journal. The articles are helpful to me in hospice nursing. They remind me to consider the whole person-physical, psycho-social and spiritual. I look forward to receiving each issue.


Marie Malone


Grant, MI


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* Moral Tensions in Health Care


* Global Health


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