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What a privilege to be writing this editorial as the new editor of JCN. God led the decision process to make me editor in astonishing, yet unmistakable ways, and those at JCN and Nurses Christian Fellowship are confident that he has placed me in this position at this time. My heart overflows with gratitude to God for everything he has done to bring me to this ministry. And I am grateful to Judy Shelly, editor from the winter issue of 1991 to spring 2004, who has provided guidance and friendship, and who will continue to do so as my supervisor. I met Dr. Shelly through her books in the 1970s and then in person in 1991. As I receive the mantle of editor, I am inspired by her tenacity to persevere for three decades in the demanding work of publishing. I know she has done this through God's power, and that is the only way I will be able to serve as editor. Already I have seen God do extraordinary things to bring this issue of JCN to you, so I am experiencing first-hand God's provision and leadership. God has put together a great team at JCN, and I am thrilled to be working with these godly people. Please pray for us as we continue bringing the journal to you. This is challenging work for the kingdom of God, and we need your prayers and your support.

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What does the future hold for JCN? We will continue to bring you a biblical perspective that helps you connect faith in Jesus Christ with nursing practice. We believe the Bible is authoritative and contains clear direction for nurses and nursing, and we will work to bring that guidance to you from Christian authors. We will give you practical resources encouraging you to think and to practice as a Christian nurse. We will alert you to issues and developments in nursing that Christians need to be aware of and help you interpret such matters from a biblical point of view. We will offer encouragement to refresh you and inspiration to renew your calling from God to nursing. We will continue to do our best to glorify God and faithfully fulfill our mission to serve you.


There will be things about JCN that will change. These changes will happen because God is infinitely creative and is always doing new things, and because God has called a new editor to lead the journal. God did astonishing things through the prophet Elijah, who was sent to vigorously oppose idol worship in Israel under King Ahab. Elijah had a powerful personality to go with powerful messages from God (see 1 Kings 17-21; 2 Kings 1-2).Then God called Elisha to be his prophet in Israel, who continued to say and do remarkable things but in a different way with a different personality (see 1 Kings 19:16; 2 Kings 2-13). In the same way, God will continue his work through JCN but by way of a different person with a different background, personality and style. You'll note some of those differences in this issue.


What does the future hold for nursing? Much is happening in nursing and health care that is radically changing how we practice. You will find excellent articles in this issue from authors who will help you to examine nursing and the future from a Christian vantage point. They relate important things you need to know and how you can be used by God to impact the future. Learn how postmodernism is changing nursing and why you must understand it. See how God can use godly nurses to transform the environment of nursing, and read about creative ways to transform your workplace, influence the profession and plan for your future in nursing. Discover the fascinating world of the futures field; read the personal, godly visions of seven international nursing leaders; and hear how Christian educators are working to overcome the nursing shortage and recruit students into our profession. I hope you will take the time to peruse the issue and read those articles most pertinent in your nursing practice.


Proverbs 23:17-18 tells us, "Do not let your heart envy sinners, but always continue in the fear of the LORD. Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off." At JCN we will continue in the fear of the Lord-the loving reverence for God that causes us to seek him, work to understand what he wants, and do it. We know the future will be exciting under God's leadership!!