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Wanted: Better Balance

With medical care getting more technical and new developments being implemented on a regular basis, I would like to see a better balance of medical updates and Christian principles in JCN.

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Karen O'Leary


West Fargo, ND


What's Your Opinion?

Do you like what you are reading in JCN? What is missing? What issues would you like to see addressed in JCN?


Write to us at or PO Box 7895, Madison, WI, 53707.


Editorial Staff


JCN Leading the Way

I received JCN after arriving home from work. Thank you for your leadership and for providing such a wonderful journal for Christian nurses. I look forward to reading JCN from cover to cover and sharing it with other nurses.


Judy H. Murray


Lawrenceville, GA


Blessings for Nurses

I enjoy JCN very much. "Beatitudes for Nurses" by Stegmeier (spring 04) is a wonderful reminder for parish nurses. I plan to share it with my parish nurse colleagues.


Laura Allton


Lancaster, OH



"If it isn't documented, it didn't happen" is a phrase we often hear in nursing. JCN is documenting God at work through Christian nurses who are called to care and those writing about his involvement. God is moving us to document outcomes of care and JCN is publishing it. Thanks for the Spring 2004 Outcomes issue.


Congratulations JCN on your 20th birthday. At this time of editorial transition, I offer a warm welcome and prayer support to you, Kathy as you receive the baton of leadership for JCN. To Judy, I offer congratulations and my deep gratitude for the work accomplished over the past 20 years of JCN publication.


-Dorothy Allbritten


Alexandria, VA


"Testing 1, 2, 3"

Would you like to learn and help at the same time? JCN needs nurses to pilot-test our independent study units before they appear in the journal.


If you are interested in being a pilot tester, please contact the JCN staff at for more information.