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After years as a highly active woman with no health problems other than hypertension, Ellen, age fifty-six, finds the low energy levels accompanying her menopause stressful. A coworker tells her about the herb ginseng, which boosts energy and balances body systems. Eager to regain her energy and reduce her stress, Ellen begins taking ginseng, and in a few months feels a noticeable difference.


Kim, a young mother expecting her second child in eight weeks, received her prenatal care through a midwife, Connie. During a recent prenatal visit, Connie reviewed some of the natural techniques that Kim could use to ease pain during the birthing process. "There is a wonderful healing method that I use with many of my patients called Therapeutic Touch (TT)," explained Connie enthusiastically. "It involves me channeling energy into you. In addition to boosting your energy field, Therapeutic Touch will help you to feel relaxed and recover faster from the delivery. And, because it doesn't involve any drugs or invasive procedure, there are no risks. "Although Kim doesn't understand energy fields, she does trust Connie, and sees no risk to incorporating TT into her delivery.


Carrie, a sixty-three-year-old eager to stay in top physical condition, joins an exercise group at the senior center. Upon arriving for a new class, she learns that the instructor will be teaching yoga. Carrie recalls hearing that yoga is a spiritual practice and is concerned that participating in the class would conflict with her Christianfaith. She chooses to withdraw from the class.