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Birchwood Laboratories, Inc

B-Sure Anal Leakage Pads. This new product is designed to manage mild fecal incontinence. B-Sure pads feature a butterfly shape, which conforms to body contours and may eliminate the need for tape, and a breathable moisture barrier that helps minimize chapping, cracking, and irritation of the skin while helping to prevent burning and itching. Latex- and lint-free, these disposable, biodegradable, and flushable pads absorb up to 10 mL of leakage per pad.


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Swiss-American Products, Inc

Elta Dermavase. This over-the-counter product is indicated for the temporary protection and lubrication of skin irritation in which moisture or skin-to-skin contact is preventing healing. Using Elta protease technology, an enzymatic compound that degrades proteins detrimental to healing while preserving beneficial cytokines, Dermavase also acts as a waterproof barrier to protect skin from incontinence and trauma.


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