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action research, code of conduct, culture, empowerment, healthy workplace, Magnet hospitals, participatory management, search conference, team behavioral norms, unit shared leadership



  1. Parsons, Mickey L. PhD, MHA, RN
  2. Clark, Paul MSN, MAT, RN
  3. Marshall, Michelle MSN, MPH, RN
  4. Cornett, Patricia A. EdD, MS, RN


Leaders are bombarded with healthy workplace articles and advice. This article outlines a strategy for laying the foundation for healthy patient care workplaces at the pivotal unit level. This process facilitates the nursing unit staff to create and implement a shared vision for staff working relationships. Fourteen acute care hospital units, all participants in a healthy workplace intervention, were selected for this analysis because they chose team behavioral norms as a top priority to begin to implement their vision for a desired future for their units, a healthy workplace. These units developed specific team behavioral norms for their expectations of each other. The findings revealed 3 major norm themes and attributes: norms for effective communication, positive attitude, and accountability. Attributes of each norm are described to assist nurses to positively influence their core unit work culture.