1. Wocial, Lucia D. CCNS, PhD

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Athol, MA, Haley's, 2007. $15.95. ISBN 1-884540-79-1. 260 pp.


This book tells the story of the first year of life for Sarah, the author's daughter. Sarah was born prematurely, weighing one and a half pounds, and her mother, the author, is a nurse practitioner. She tells the story as a mother but provides the depth and perspective of a healthcare provider without being overbearing. The book tells the story chronologically, with some flashbacks that provide depth and insight into the events in the story.


It is striking how the author tells the story as a mother, but any nurse reading the story cannot only tell the author is a nurse, but feel her vulnerability. The book tells a moving story and subtly allows the reader to gain insight through a clear lens into the little things that make nurses special and the opportunities to do better. The book is well written and a powerful reminder that no one should assume that when a patient or parent of a patient is a healthcare provider, he or she will process information as a healthcare provider. We are all people first, patient, parent, or family member and then a healthcare provider. Small Wonder is a book for parents of premature babies, nurses and doctors who care for them, and anyone who cares for patients themselves are, or who have family members that are healthcare professionals.