1. Murad, Barbara MS, CCC-SLP
  2. Garganta, Madeleine BSN, RN
  3. Weintraub, Lea BSN, RN
  4. Vong, Sunee BSN, RN
  5. Angeles, Los

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The cover of the November 2006 issue depicts kindness but not the safest way to feed a patient. It implies that to give liquid or food to patients who are lying down is appropriate. At our hospital we have taught nurses about the extremely high risk of aspiration, especially in those who have had a stroke. Aspiration is a risk to patients hospitalized for long periods, and when it occurs it worsens a patient's medical condition. To decrease the risk, we keep the head of the bed at a 90[degrees] angle during feeding. We hope that AJN will teach nurses to do the same in order to prevent aspiration.


Barbara Murad, MS, CCC-SLP


Madeleine Garganta, BSN, RN


Lea Weintraub, BSN, RN


Sunee Vong, BSN, RN


Los Angeles