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Petition to protect women and girls from rape and other violence.


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In the world of war, wives and daughters are still considered the chattel of men. It's one of the most shameful facts of life on earth. The rape and murder of women and children are-in too many places-considered tools of statecraft, and this violence increases during times of war. According to reports from the International Rescue Committee (IRC), "As many as 50,000 women were raped during the war in Bosnia. During conflicts in West Africa thousands of young girls were kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery and prostitution. Rape is rampant in the Democratic Republic of Congo."


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The IRC is sponsoring a petition to present to Congress "demanding that the fight against sexual violence become a top legislative and funding priority." The aim is to tell legislators to "fund programs that prevent violence and respond to incidents of rape against women and girls," help victims to "recover their dignity, health, livelihood, and families," and include initiatives to fight sexual violence in "relevant international assistance programs."


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Doug Brandt, associate editor