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Latex surgical glove

[black small square] Ansell's new Encore HydraSoft latex surgical glove is powder free and features a hand-friendly coating that moisturizes the skin. Encore HydraSoft also features other infection control innovations, including Ansell's patent-pending SureFit technology, which provides surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals with barrier protection during operating room procedures. The glove's hydrating coating technology helps to maintain the skin's natural barrier function, helping to prevent the onset of contact dermatitis.


For more information, contact Ansell at 1-800-952-9916 or


Closed male luer

[black small square] Cardinal Health, Inc., has created the Texium closed male luer, technology that, when partnered with a SmartSite needle-free valve, can help healthcare workers safely handle hazardous drugs. The Texium closed male luer helps address safety concerns by providing the following features: no-drip-tip technology to help prevent drips, spillage, and surface contamination; lock-and-go design, which provides a fast and easy connection to the SmartSite needle-free valve to achieve a closed system; a passive safety system that closes upon disconnection to help prevent exposure and protect against free-flow; and an automatic safety lock, which provides for safe transport of hazardous drugs when attached to a syringe.


For more information, contact Cardinal Health at 1-800-964-5227 or

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Washable computer keyboard

[black small square] Health Care Logistics announces its new Washable Computer Keyboard, which offers an easy, economical solution for cleaning this bacterial breeding ground. Immerse the entire keyboard, run it under a faucet, or spray the keys with an antibacterial solution for instant disinfecting results. SpillSeal technology, featuring individually sealed keys, makes this method of infection control possible. The Washable Computer Keyboard is an added method of infection control in all healthcare environments. Installation is easy and requires no additional software with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.


For more information, contact Health Care Logistics at 1-800-848-1633 or


Surgical hand antiseptic

[black small square] Healthpoint, Ltd., announces the availability of Surgicept Waterless Surgical Hand Antiseptic. Surgicept goes on quickly, is fast drying, and has received exceptional customer feedback and user acceptance-factors that can increase compliance with infection prevention protocols. Surgicept is easy to apply. The rapid-drying formulation is designed to minimize sticky buildup and slipping under gloves and to improve skin condition. This promotes better compliance in surgical hand asepsis, which could lead to a reduction in surgical site infections.


For more information, contact Healthpoint at 1-800-441-8227 or

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Handheld scanner

[black small square] IntelliDOT Corp. announced that it's partnering with Health Management Associates (HMA) to provide its handheld bedside medication administration bar-code scanning technology, the CAREt System, to HMA hospitals. The CAREt System is the first nurse-centered work flow manager to connect caregivers with the information systems they need at the point of care. Built on a design that complements the way nurses work, the CAREt System provides a straightforward user interface that supports a comprehensive approach to medication safety and documentation at the bedside, in a variety of healthcare settings. The integrated hardware and software solution provided by IntelliDOT results in a cost-effective "smart hardware" system for hospitals looking for a customized design for caregivers at the bedside. By scanning a patient wristband, the CAREt Handheld guides the nurse through all required medication administration and documentation tasks that have accumulated for a patient. Information is clear, organized, and delivered right into the caregiver's hand, right when it's needed.


For more information, contact IntelliDOT at 858-746-3100 or

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Backlit keyboard

[black small square] Saitek Industries, Ltd., announced the availability of its backlit keyboard, the Eclipse Red, a slim computer keyboard with backlighting that shines through laser-etched keys, targeted to the medical community. The illuminated console allows the keyboard to be easily used in dimly lit corridors or any type of low-light/no-light situation. Solidly constructed from high-quality materials, including stylish dark-gray casing and silver keys, the Eclipse's weighted base and large rubber feet keep it firmly planted to desk or cart, and cushioned, silent keys mean hours of fatigue-free use. The keyboard is available immediately at estimated pricing of $60. Bulk discounts may be available.


For more information, contact Saitek at 310-212-5412 or

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Tri-sided disposable beakers

[black small square] EPS, Inc., has added six sizes of disposable beakers to its growing line of compounding and dispensing accessories. Ranging from 50 mL to 1,000 mL, the beakers are manufactured with a tri-sided design and notched corners for easy pouring to minimize spillage. Made from durable, translucent polypropylene, the beakers are resistant to most acids and bases. Graduations, in both ounces and milliliters, are formed into the beaker so they won't deteriorate, allowing fluid levels to be easily seen. Flat bottoms reduce the possibility of tipping and allow for simple stacking and storage.


For more information, contact EPS, Inc., at 1-800-523-8966 or

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Oral care

[black small square] Sage's Toothette Oral Care products have new space-saving packaging that hangs virtually anywhere (such as walls, I.V. poles, or bed rails). For easier use, setup instructions are illustrated-large and in three simple steps-on every package. New, easy-burst packets premoisten tools with cleansing solution. The industry's only covered Yankauer has been redesigned for gentle suctioning with increased durability. And a new length of stay Yankauer holder mounts anywhere to eliminate storing Yankauer suction instruments on areas of potential contamination (such as under pillows).


For more information, contact Sage at 1-800-323-2220 or

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