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complex adaptive systems, model development, nursing leadership, primary care, relationships, social capital



  1. DiCicco-Bloom, Barbara PhD, RN
  2. Frederickson, Keville EdD, FAAN
  3. O'Malley, Denalee BA
  4. Shaw, Eric PhD
  5. Crosson, Jesse C. PhD
  6. Looney, J. Anna PhD


We have developed a model of social capital to enhance relationships within primary care practices that promote organizational success and improve patient care outcomes. The model extends the meaning and the value of social capital by providing dimensions, attributes, and operational definitions that can be used to measure outcomes and guidelines to develop future interventions. Our model brings new insight and logic to understanding relationships to create resources to improve primary care practices. Furthermore, our model provides a preliminary focus on the value of integrating registered nurses into the work of primary care practices and as facilitators of social capital.