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assisted reproductive technology, case study, family relationships, feminist perspectives, informed consent, mid-trimester termination of pregnancy, narrative, nonmaleficence



  1. Peters, Kathleen PhD, BN (Hons), RN
  2. Jackson, Debra PhD, RN
  3. Rudge, Trudy PhD, BA (Hons), RN, RMHN


New reproductive technologies have the capacity to impact on both personal and healthcare relationships. This article utilizes a case study approach to unpack experiences of one couple who encountered immense and unforeseen difficulties as a result of treatment with assisted reproductive technology. Findings of this case reveal both difficulties and breaches in obtaining informed consent and the consequences these breaches have on relationships. Comprehensive information contributes to positive relationships between patients and healthcare providers. Maintaining supportive relationships between all parties concerned with assisted reproductive technology services is essential, as rifts in these relationships can be devastating and long-lasting.