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Barrier Therapeutics

Vusion Ointment. Now available in 50-g size tubes, this steroid-free product consists of 0.25% miconazole nitrate, 15% zinc oxide, and 81.35% white petrolatum. It is the only prescription product approved in the United States for the treatment of diaper dermatitis complicated with documented Candidiasis (DDCC) in immunocompromised infants and children 4 weeks and older, according to the manufacturer. In clinical trials, infants with DDCC who were treated with Vusion showed statistically significant improvement within 3 days of treatment.


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SilvaSorb. A new packaging design has been introduced for this product line, as well as for all of the company's wound care products. The redesign is intended to display all of the information the wound care professional needs on both the outer box and inner pouch. The new packaging includes an outer box that shows the product category (with color coding), definition, and photograph with appropriate use and technical information and an inner pouch that displays all of the information that appears on the outer box plus a sticker for dressing change and charting and a booklet that is a 2-minute course on wound care, according to the manufacturer.


Traditional wound care product packaging often shows indications and application directions on the package insert only, with the inner pouch offering limited information. MedLine's new packaging seeks to limit the confusion this can cause and thus promote patient safety.


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