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change, leadership, nursing, patient satisfaction, staff retention



  1. Robbins, Beverly RN, BSN
  2. Davidhizar, Ruth RN, DNS, ARNP, BC, FAAN


Management in nursing is in a state of revolution based on positive transformational changes. Effective leadership on individual nursing units directly affects nursing staff satisfaction. Employees are interested in managers who can lead in a positive and encouraging manner. Nurses who are content in their positions correlate to a reduction in staff turnover and improve retention. When the nursing staff are satisfied with their employment, patient satisfaction rises. Health care organizations can see this trickle-down effect through increases in patient satisfaction scores over time. The promotion of effective communication and positive attitudes enhances a healthy environment for all employees and staff. Health care organizations should evaluate individual nurse managers on units to promote transformational leadership qualities; this will directly result in staff satisfaction, staff retention, and patient satisfaction.