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  1. Williams, Carolyn A. PhD, RN
  2. Goode, Colleen J. PhD, RN
  3. Krsek, Cathleen MBA, RN
  4. Bednash, Geraldine D. PhD, RN
  5. Lynn, Mary R. PhD, RN


The authors document the 1-year outcomes of the postbaccalaureate residency program jointly developed and implemented by the University HealthSystem Consortium and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Data on 2 cohorts of residents (n = 679) in 12 sites across the country are presented. The 1-year termination rate was 12%, after those lost to the program because of National Council Licensure Examination failure, serious illness, or death were eliminated from the analysis. Additional analyses using data collected at entry to the program, 6 months, and 1 year using 3 instruments, the Casey-Fink Graduate Nurse Experience Survey, the Gerber's Control Over Nursing Practice Scale, and the McCloskey Mueller Satisfaction Scale, are presented and discussed.