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nurses, research, tobacco use cessation



  1. Wells, Marjorie
  2. Sarna, Linda
  3. Bialous, Stella Aguinaga


A listing of publications related to nurses and tobacco is posted on the Tobacco Free Nurses Web site ( For this conference, a chronological listing of the numbers and type of data-based articles that focused on nursing involvement in tobacco cessation published since 1996, the year of the first publication of the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, Clinical Practice Guideline #18, through 2005 was developed. One hundred and seventy-five data-based papers that met the criteria, that is, the paper focused on smoking cessation and involved nurses, were identified. Most (88%) articles were exclusively focused on cessation. Research designs included experimental (38%), quasi-experimental (24%), descriptive-quantitative (25%), descriptive-qualitative (8%), meta-analyses (2%), and secondary analyses and systematic reviews (each 1%). The number of articles that focused on nursing involvement in tobacco cessation has increased eight fold in the past 10 years, from less than 5 articles published in 1996 to more than 40 published in 2005. The minority (35%) of data-based articles that focused on nurses and tobacco cessation were published in nursing journals.