1. Geronimo, Maria MSN, MBA, RN

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Kirkland evoked some conflicting emotions in me. As a nurse, I can see that rules and regulations are designed not only for the protection of the patient and her or his family but also for the staff and other patients. But it's important to remember that we are caring for an individual. A nurse's assessment of a patient goes beyond the medical and includes the patient's knowledge, intelligence, learning ability, and character. By insisting on following protocols and involving hospital administration, Kirkland's nurses broke down communication, and the patient was made to feel reprimanded and untrustworthy. While I am not advocating that nurses disregard policies, I am encouraging nurses to consider the patient's desires. Communication is critical for patients who feel they lack control. Outcomes can be vastly improved when the patient is an active part of treatment. More important, that also demonstrates our respect for them as human beings.


Maria Geronimo, MSN, MBA, RN


Annapolis, MD