1. Cohen, Michael R. RPH, MS, ScD

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Full-term and preterm neonates who received the antibiotic ceftriaxone (Rocephin) with calcium-containing products have had fatal reactions. In some cases, the drugs were administered concomitantly; in others the infusion lines and administration times for each drug differed. At autopsy, calcium-ceftriaxone precipitates were found in the neonates' lungs and kidneys.


Because of the risk to infants, the manufacturer has issued the following warnings:


* Don't use ceftriaxone to treat neonates who have hyperbilirubinemia, especially preterm babies.


* Don't mix or administer the drug simultaneously with calcium-containing products such as Ringer's solution-even through different infusion lines.


* Don't give calcium-containing products within 48 hours of the last administration of ceftriaxone.



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