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  1. Tanaka, Makoto PhD, RN, PHN
  2. Shibayama, Taiga PhD, RN, PHN
  3. Sato, Eiko MHlthSc, RN, PHN
  4. Sasaki, Satoshi PhD, MD
  5. Kazuma, Keiko PhD, RN, PHN


The purpose of this pilot study (N = 26) was to investigate dietary intake and body composition and problems associated with dietary intake (such as unnecessary dietary restriction) in Japanese patients in remission from ulcerative colitis. Findings revealed the macronutrient intake and dietary fiber (absolute amount) were lower than the national average in men, but this may have been due to differences in the methods used to measure dietary intake. Although the fat intake (%E) of ulcerative colitis patients in this study was similar to that of the Japanese population, it differed greatly from that of people in Western countries. No significant differences in weight, height, or body mass index were found when comparing the sample of individuals living with ulcerative colitis with the general Japanese population. Seventeen patients (65.4%) reported being cautious about what they ate even though in remission, and 6 patients were even more cautious about what they ate now than they had been in the past. The authors suggest further research to clarify the problems that unnecessary dietary restriction cause for ulcerative colitis patients who are in remission.