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[black small square] Vortek Surgical recently introduced the new ENDODRAPE Colonoscopy Draping System, the first of its kind to meet both the infection control and efficiency needs of today's hospitals and surgery centers. The disposable ENDODRAPE creates a comprehensive zone of protection for patients and environmental surfaces (including rails, frames, and linens) that come in contact with the scope during a colonos-copy procedure.


The ENDODRAPE helps endoscopy facilities meet current guidelines and recommendations for barrier precautions, and provides a valuable tool in reducing risks of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). The ENDODRAPE saves time and resources by decreasing the risk of contamination spread to patients and staff in the recovery area and throughout the facility, preventing damage to expensive equipment, and improving procedure flow and turnover efficiency.

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Latex-free cohesive bandages for all applications

[black small square] Andover Healthcare, Inc. recently introduced CoFlex LF2, a soft, latex-free cohesive bandage that sticks and performs as well as latex bandages.


With its open cell foam surface, CoFlex LF2 absorbs and holds the latex-free cohesive, delivering a long-lasting cohesive bond. The product isn't affected by water, which allows it to stick and hold wet dressings in place. Designed with a thin, soft layer of specialty foam, CoFlex LF2 is nonirritating and gentle on the skin with a comfort level unmatched by other products in the market.


CoFlex LF2 can be used for all cohesive bandage applications including the treatment of edema, holding dressings in place, stabilizing I.V.s, and as a light compression wrap.


New tissue tracking software on the horizon

[black small square] The Musculoskeletal Transplant Found-ation (MTF), the largest tissue bank in the United States, and LPiT Solutions, Inc., the creator and provider of Tissue TrackCore tissue tracking and compliance software, will join forces to develop an enhanced version of software specifically for MTF customers.


Tracking tissue has become a growing concern. The software aims to help MTF customers meet federal compliance requirements, as well as reduce the time and costs associated with effective tissue tracking.


Supply management system receives patent

[black small square] Mobile Aspects has received a patent for its iRISupply clinical resource management solution. Implemented in clinical areas such as interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, and surgical specialties such as cardiovascular and endovascular surgery, the cabinet-based iRISupply system provides real-time information to effectively store, track, and manage the high-cost inventories used in surgical procedures.


The main protection of the patent applies to a product design with multiple shelving levels de-ployed in an open or closed cabinet configuration, which creates stronger reading fields to ensure high levels of read accuracy and reliability.

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