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immunization, medical professional organizations, public health, relationships



  1. Harris, KaLynne MD
  2. Pickering, Larry K. MD
  3. Fasano, Nancy J. MA
  4. Fowler, Gabrielle MPH
  5. Gangarosa, Paul MPH
  6. Gust, Deborah A. PhD, MPH


Objective: To assess relationships between State Health Department (SHD) immunization programs and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).


Methods: Surveys were distributed to SHD immunization managers and AAP and AAFP chapter/district heads.


Results: Most AAP and AAFP respondents reported contact with the SHD (73% and 62%, respectively). Most SHDs reported contact with the AAP and AAFP (74% and 57%, respectively). More SHDs reported discussing immunization information with the AAP than the AAFP (83% and 61%, respectively, P = .02). SHDs rarely reported using e-mail to communicate with physicians (4%), while AAP and AAFP respondents commonly reported communicating with members via e-mail (80% and 72%, respectively). Most SHD respondents reported satisfaction with relationships with the AAP (78%) and AAFP (65%). Similarly, most AAP and AAFP respondents reported satisfaction with their SHD relationship (80% and 62%, respectively). The majority of SHD, AAP, and AAFP respondents expressed willingness to further strengthen relationships (86%, 79%, and 90%, respectively).


Conclusions: Good relationships exist between medical professional organizations and SHDs and there is support for improvement of the partnerships. SHDs may consider enhancing e-mail communications with physicians and medical professional organizations.