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policy, tobacco, youth, youth access



  1. Andersen, Peter A. PhD
  2. Buller, David B. PhD
  3. Voeks, Jenifer H. PhD
  4. Borland, Ron PhD
  5. Helme, Donald PhD
  6. Bettinghaus, Erwin P. PhD


Preventing youth access to tobacco products is a crucial public health goal. This study examines support by elected city and county officials in Colorado for enacting youth tobacco control policies in the State of Colorado. Participating city and county officials (n = 684) were surveyed regarding their attitudes and opinions on tobacco-related issues and policy control efforts. The officials surveyed were generally supportive of efforts to restrict youth access to tobacco. A number of predictors of support for youth tobacco control policies were identified, including official's perceptions of community norms, their political party, the presence of citizen antitobacco events, educational background of the officials, and their attitudes about tobacco. Recommendations for theory and citizen action are provided.