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Brazil, equity, forecasting, health-disease process, health inequalities, health and public policy, nursing care, nursing education, social inequity



  1. Sena, Roseni R. DSc, RN
  2. Seixas, Clarissa T. MN, RN
  3. Silva, Kenia L. MN, RN


Although Brazil stands out as the eighth largest economy in the world, this country is burdened by huge social and economic inequalities. One of its greatest contemporary challenges is the construction of social policies, including healthcare, that seek to adjust social, economic, and cultural distortions. In the light of this scenario, Brazilian nursing has an important role in the defense of health with equity and quality of life, taking on a caring-based practice. However, to respond to these challenges in a propositional way, the nursing profession needs to reconsider its role and its purpose.