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Bard(R) Channel Steerable Sheath

The Bard(R) Channel Steerable Sheath is an innovative cardiac device that provides superior access, control, and stability for diagnostic and therapeutic catheters used during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The multiple curve options provide superior access to difficult-to-reach regions of the heart. For more information, contact Bard Electrophysiology Division at (800) 824-8724 or visit


Safety IV Catheters (Introcan Safety(R)) and Securement Device

The Passive Safety Technology of Introcan Safety(R) IV Catheter by B. Braun is designed to increase safety when you remove the needle from the catheter. The passive Introcan Safety(R) IV Catheter is designed to minimize accidental needlesticks without requiring user activation. The bevel-cut needle stays sharp for ease of skin penetration and patient comfort. The push-off plate is designed


to minimize the incidence of catheter hub contamination during insertion. Featured is a passive safety clip that automatically engages by attaching to and shielding the needle bevel during needle removal, which decreases number of steps involved to activate safety features. For ordering information, contact B. Braun at (800) BBRAUN2 (800-227-2862). For more product information, visit


Stinger Ablation Catheter

The Stinger ablation catheter is a blend of technology, comfort, and functionality that gives electrophysiologists new features and capabilities for performing controlled endocardial ablation. The Stinger catheter keeps every ablation right on target with control features such as bi-directional curve actuation and shaft-to-tip dissociation. Its patented CurveLock(TM) technology automatically locks the curve into place, which enables the tip to maintain position without sudden movement. Some catheter electrodes are attached to the shaft using an adhesive overcoat that can distort or degrade signal quality. Stinger catheter's electrodes are compression fit, which eliminates the need for an adhesive overcoat. Because there is complete contact with the endocardium, signals are consistently clear and crisp. For more information, contact Bard Electrophysiology Division at (800) 824-8724 or visit

Figure. Stinger abla... - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure. Stinger ablation catheter