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The difficulties of neonatal venipuncture and arterial puncture are well known to neonatal clinicians. Over the years, various methods have been used to visualize miniscule and hard-to-find veins, including transilluminators and small hand-held light scopes. Although some of these devices do assist in locating veins, they require the user to manipulate or otherwise hold the device in place while starting the intravenous (IV) or arterial line.


A new device on the market locates subcutaneous vasculature to a depth of 6 to 8 mm and projects its location on the surface of the skin (Figure 1). Because this device operates from above, without any patient contact, both of the clinician's hands are free to perform the venipuncture or arterial puncture. VeinViewer (Luminetx, Memphis, Tenn) uses infrared technology, employing green and red light emitting diodes instead of traditional light sources. No heat is produced by the light so there is no risk of tissue damage, and there is likewise no risk of cross contamination from use on different patients. VeinViewer is reported to work equally well on patients of any age, body type, or skin tone.

Figure 1 - Click to enlarge in new windowFIGURE 1. Photo courtesy of Luminetx Technology Corporation, copyright 2007. Used with permission.

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