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As the New Year rolls out, set a goal of submitting a manuscript for publication. Disseminating information about clinical nurse specialist (CNS) practice outcomes is a core CNS competency. What should be disseminated? Publish the outcomes of innovative practice interventions-remember the patient with the complex wound that required a literature review and a product trial before arriving at a winning combination for healing. Share this case; faced with a similar situation, your insights can inform a colleague's decision making. What about that neutropenia protocol that took almost a year to develop; share it. Maybe you developed a mentoring program for new nurses that could be implemented in a similar healthcare agency; no one will know if you don't write the manuscript. Remember the committee that struggled with the automated order entry system evaluation; other CNSs could use information about evaluation parameters that worked. Write the manuscript. You can do it, yes you can.


Yes, you have time. Schedule time for writing on your calendar and stick to it. Consider how you protect time for other commitments such as committee work and meetings. Protect writing time with equal vigilance. Write regularly; schedule at least 1 to 2 hours 3 times a week.


Yes, you can write. Writing is a skill that improves with practice. The sooner you start, the sooner you can expect improvement. Review articles written in the style that fits your topic, and practice, practice, practice. Develop a time line for manuscript development and stick to it. Get a writing partner and hold each other accountable for meeting deadlines.


Yes, you will get rejected. It's a rare author who has a manuscript accepted every time. A request for revision or outright rejection happens on the road to success. Journal manuscript reviewers are experienced professionals selected because their expertise matches the manuscript topic. Consider reviewer comments as a complimentary critique from experts in the field. Agree or not with the feedback, it is an opportunity for growth through reflection.


Clinical Nurse Specialist is now using an automated Web-based tool that simplifies the manuscript submission and review processes. Manuscripts are submitted electronically, and authors can track the review as it proceeds. Submit your manuscript using the new system at For author guidelines, visit This journal's editor, editorial board, and reviewers look forward to your many interesting manuscripts. You can do it, yes you can!