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nurse-physician collaboration, nursing leadership, work environments



  1. Manojlovich, Milisa
  2. Barnsteiner, Jane
  3. Bolton, Linda Burnes
  4. Disch, Joanne
  5. Saint, Sanjay


A leadership conference titled "Have Patient Safety and the Workforce Shortage Created the Perfect Storm?" was held in honor of Dr. Ada Sue Hinshaw, who was ending her tenure as dean of the University of Michigan School of Nursing. A morning panel on the preferred future for practice featured plenary speaker Dr. Linda Burnes Bolton and participating panelists Dr. Sanjay Saint, Dr. Jane Barnsteiner, and Dr. Joanne Disch. Each speaker presented a unique yet complementary perspective, with several common themes permeating the morning's presentations. For example, all of the speakers mentioned how important interprofessional collaboration is to promoting patient safety. The themes can be categorized broadly as nursing practice and work environment issues, with subthemes of interprofessional communication and collaboration, systems solutions to patient safety problems, and future directions in nursing education. A synopsis of comments made during the morning practice panel and empirical support for the themes and subthemes identified by panelists are provided in this article.