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HPNA Call for Nominations

HPNA Annual Membership Meeting

Please join HPNA on Friday, February 1, 2008 from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM at the Tampa Bay Convention Center in Tampa Bay, Florida for the Annual Membership Meeting. The meeting is being held in conjunction with the 2008 AAHPM/HPNA Annual Assembly.


Annual Member Appeal

Just like a calendar, January 1 marks the beginning of a new Annual Appeal for the HPNF. The HPNF Annual Appeal is made up of many different segments, with member giving being the single most important segment. Each monetary contribution given by a member is matched by personal investment in hospice and palliative work! When member donations are combined with donations from friends, foundations, chapters, corporations, hospices, and vendors, we create a beautiful case of the whole equaling more than the sum of the parts! Just like clockwork you can expect a formal donation request from HPNF through the Annual Member Appeal every spring-one of many ways to give throughout the year. Giving to the Annual Member Appeal demonstrates your direct investment in HPNA and sets the tone for our year. Other avenues for giving to HPNF include membership renewal/new membership donations, the Giving Tree, Wall of Honor, Key to Your Heart, travel expense reimbursement donations, Silent Auctions, matching gifts programs, and tribute gifts. Member contributions from any of these sources are gratefully appreciated, count toward the Annual Member Appeal, and help to fund individual scholarships and grants for chapters and research.


Just like a timepiece, watch for your member appeal letter to arrive in the spring. Consider how you would like to swing into action and support the Foundation. Member donations are crucial, and each gift (regardless of size) is important and puts us that much closer to reaching our yearly goal.


A Key to Your Heart: A Decorative Gift Item from HPNF

The Key to Your Heart project of the HPNF has had a successful first year! The success has prompted the creation of a second style for 2008! Each case comes with 3 keys that represent your offer to do a chore, run an errand, and express your love for the recipient. Giving a Key to Your Heart case is a very personal and kind gesture and shows that the gift is directly from your heart. The cases designed for the Foundation feature the HPNF logo on the metal case and on the beautiful box. A $20.00 donation to this project qualifies for 1 case, which is mailed to you. You can donate toward them through the National Office by telephone or online at We will also have a limited supply on hand at the AAHPM/HPNA Annual Assembly in Tampa, Florida at the HPNA Information Booth.


New HPNA Educational Products

Hospice and Palliative Interactive Learning Resource: Generalist Nurse

The Hospice and Palliative Interactive Learning Resource: Generalist Nurse is an interactive learning activity for any nurse who cares for persons with life-limiting illness in any setting. Using an outline framework, this tool is a resource of the essential information on hospice and palliative nursing. The outline includes life-limiting conditions, pain and symptom management, care of patient and family, education and advocacy, interdisciplinary/collaborative practice, and professional issues. Using Adobe Reader 7.0, the Resource's interactive design allows users to navigate through the program in a manner that best fits their needs. It is searchable and includes links to valuable Internet resources. It is designed to be put on an agency's intranet.


2008 APRN and RN HPAR Applications Available

The appropriate HPAR packet and application can be downloaded from our web site ( or a packet can be mailed to you by calling the National Office at 412-787-1057. Both groups follow the same timeline. Certified APNs must submit the APRN HPAR application for renewal of their certification. CHPNs have the option of submitting the RN HPAR application for renewal or sitting for the certification in one of the four windows during which the exam is offered (March, June, September, November).


New Board Members for 2008

NBCHPN(R) is pleased to welcome its five newest Board members for 2008. The new Board members include Lyn Ceronsky from Minnesota, Shiela Derrevere from Oklahoma, Bette Case DiLeonardi from Illinois, Virginia Marshall from Utah, and Renee Tillman from Texas. All of our new Board members maintain commitments to several professional affiliations and will be valuable assets to NBCHPN(R).


The 2008 Board of Directors includes:


* Kerstin McSteen, APRN,BC-PCM, President


* Barbara Schmal, CHPN(R), Secretary


* Jeanne Sergi, BS, Treasurer, Public Member


* Mary Janet Bergstrand, CHPN(R)


* Patricia Berry, APRN,BC-PCM


* Mary Edwards, CHPN(R)


* Susan Erlewine, CHPN(R)


* Beth Miller Kraybill, CHPN(R)


* Cheryl Ann Fite, CHPLN(R), LP/VN Representative


* Lyn Ceronsky, APRN, Administrator Representative


* Shiela Derrevere, CHPN(R)


* Bette Case DiLeonardi, PhD, Non NBCHPN(R) Certified Representative


* Virginia Marshall, ACHPN(R), APN Representative


* Renee Tillman, CHPNA(R), NA representative


* Bonnie Morgan, CHPN(R), Past President (Ex-Officio)



Certification Tackettes

Available for purchase from the National Office.


To order, please visit our Web site at or call the National Office at 412-787-1057.