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hospice care, job satisfaction, nurse, palliative care, turnover



  1. Miller, Paige E. PhD


The nursing shortage and nurse turnover challenge the hospice industry. Job satisfaction (general, intrinsic, and extrinsic job satisfaction) and intention to leave among hospice nurses in a for-profit corporation were studied to determine why hospice nurses leave the corporation. Using a correlational survey design, this study administered surveys to 777 hospice nurses in 60 site locations of a hospice corporation. A total of 302 surveys were returned, which equated to a 39% response rate. Quantitative analysis determined that the hospice nurses' intention-to-leave score had significant negative correlations with all three types of job satisfaction. The study also determined that there were no significant differences in the relationship between job satisfaction and intention to leave by any of the hospice nurse demographic variables of age, level of education, ethnicity, tenure in nursing, and/or job tenure. This study also revealed the hospice nurses' top-ranked job satisfiers and dissatisfiers.