1. Powell, Jessica RN, BSN
  2. Tarnow, Karen Gahan RN, PhD
  3. Perucca, Roxanne RN, MS, CRNI(R)


The purpose of this study was to determine any relationship between peripheral IV catheter indwell time and phlebitis in hospitalized adults. A retrospective review of quarterly quality assurance data-monitoring indwell time, phlebitis rating, and site and tubing labels-was performed. Of 1,161 sites, only 679 had documented indwell time to use. Average indwell time was 1.9 days, and overall phlebitis rate was 3.7%. Analysis of variance revealed a significant association between phlebitis and indwell time. However, asymptomatic peripheral IVs may not need to be removed at regular intervals because there were healthy, asymptomatic sites with indwell time up to 10 days.