1. Fadel, Jan RN

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I agree with John Reynolds that chronically negative people can make our jobs even harder, so we should encourage management to step up, address this problem, and restore a positive workplace ("Negativity in the Workplace," Hospital Extra, March 2007).


In a climate of hierarchical bureaucratic mandates, stress, high patient-to-nurse ratios, and "blame and shame" from administrations, bedside nurses are often discontent and negative. Studies have shown that when nurses are working in a supportive environment, they are less likely to take sick days or suffer from injuries, exhaustion, or job dissatisfaction. The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses has developed six standards that define a healthy work environment: skilled communication, true collaboration, effective decision making, appropriate staffing, meaningful recognition, and authentic leadership. A healthy work environment produces a healthy workforce.


Jan Fadel, RN


Louisville, KY