1. Reed, Audrey S. BSN, RN

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It may seem funny, but it is serious-


The case manager asked Wendy, a newly hired home health aide, to go to apartment 4B at 2345 North 16th Street to bathe Mr. Johnson. "He is a little deaf, and he may not be ready or eager to bathe," she was warned.

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Wendy set out with her bag and a positive attitude. She carefully identified 2345 and climbed the stairs to apartment 4B. A very thin and shaggy man answered the door. "Mr. Johnson, I've come to help you with your bath."


Just as Wendy had been warned, he needed some persuasion. When he was clean, shaved, and dressed in clean clothes, he commented, "I sure did not know that they offered this kind of service. Thank you." He looked (and smelled) a lot better, thought Wendy.


Back at the office, the case manager asked how it went. "He weighs more than 300 pounds. I'm sure it was not an easy assignment."


It turned out that Wendy was in apartment 4B at 2345 North 17th Street.


The Joint Commission 2008 National Patient Safety Goals (


Goal 1 Improve the accuracy of patient identification.


1A Use at least two patient identifiers when providing care, treatment or services.




* "Good morning. My name is Barbara. I am your (nurse, home health aide, or the like) from XYZ Home Health. What's your name?"


* "And what is your date of birth?"