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aging, assistive technology, cerebral palsy, ICF, preventive health, quality of life



  1. Svien, Lana R. PT, PhD
  2. Berg, Patti PT, MPT, MA
  3. Stephenson, Christine SPT


Cerebral palsy (CP) is a common cause of disability that impacts a person across his or her life-span. In addition to aging-related diseases, decline in function in adulthood can be attributed to conditions secondary to the impairments associated with CP. There are substantial literature on unique health needs and impact of CP on children and fewer studies specifically investigating the health needs and impact of CP on the aging adult. The purpose of this article is to present current literature on the effects aging has on adults with CP. In addition, the article will discuss the importance of preventive healthcare and wellness and iterate the challenges of accessing appropriate healthcare and healthcare providers by adults with CP. Recommendations are provided encouraging service providers to plan interventions, services, and supports to improve the participation of adults with CP in a contemporary system of care.