1. Schroeter, Kathryn PhD, RN, CNOR

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We are all aware of the technological advances that have been driving health care over the past decades. Such technology has provided us with both benefits and burdens. In most cases the benefits have greatly outweighed the burdens.


Now it is time for the Journal of Trauma Nursing (JTN) to take the next step into the 21st century with the utilization of a computerized publishing program called "Editorial Manager(R)." We will begin using this new program with the 4th quarter issue of JTN this year.


Editorial Manager is an online submission and review system. It will allow authors to submit manuscripts and track their progress through the system, hopefully to publication. The reviewers can then download manuscripts and submit their opinions to the editor. The editors can manage the whole submission/review/revise/publish process. E-mails are automatically sent to the appropriate parties when significant events occur, such as the manuscript being accepted for publication.


Editorial Manager is a quick and efficient way to submit, accept, review, and ultimately disseminate manuscripts. It is an easy-to-use tool that will help expedite workflow and manage manuscripts. No more paper!! No more mailing costs!! With this tool, authors are able to submit manuscripts and digital art files from any Web-enabled computer, track content through the peer-review and decision process, and receive notification via e-mail when actions or decisions are required. Reviewers are able to access abstract information, decide on review invitations, review articles, and submit final reviews from any Internet connection.


Authors will be able to see the Journal Authors Resources page and follow instructions for submissions there. You will need to register with the EM system through a Web page, and once you have a username and password, just login to the system as an author and submit your manuscript according to the "Instructions for Authors" document. There is a tutorial for authors available, and if an author or a reviewer needs additional help using the system, it can be accessed with a "Contact Us" link to send an e-mail directly to the journal office.1


Here are some basic facts about the EM:


[black small square] Nearly 200 Wolters Kluwer titles are using the EM system with more adopting it daily


[black small square] Worldwide, the EM system is used on more than 2,300 publications, making it a recognized brand and familiar interface among authors


[black small square] EM allows authors worldwide to submit their manuscripts using any Internet connection


[black small square] EM eliminates associated paper costs and time for manuscript tracking


[black small square] Using EM shortens time from submission to decision


[black small square] EM boasts 99.99% online availability


[black small square] EM provides the ability to check digital artwork before it goes to production


[black small square] The system sends out notices automatically to authors, editors, reviewers, etc.


[black small square] EM seamlessly sends final files to production


[black small square] EM increases manuscript submission rates



I see the implementation of this new publishing process as another way in which we can transition into the 21st century. I do realize, however, that not everyone is computer savvy and this system may be considered a "challenge" for some potential authors. If an author has difficulty accessing the system, articles may still be submitted in hard copy format or via e-mail, and we will assist work with the author throughout the process of publishing.


Please do not hesitate to e-mail me with any concerns or questions about using this new publishing tool. I will be happy to help authors with the system or put them in contact with others who can assist in facilitating a manuscript or an article through the entire process. However, I am sure that authors will discover this system to be very easy to work with and I believe that we will not have to look back to the 20th century for guidance as the JTN marches on.




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