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As we end the summer and move into the busy autumn months, there is much to report on Society of Trauma Nurses' activities.



Hopefully by now you have visited the new Society of Trauma Nurses (STN) Web page at


The most important thing about this new page is that it is based on an easy-to-use platform allowing us much greater flexibility. By the time you read this, we will be working diligently on the next phase of the Web site, which is a members-only section. Features of this section will be easy access to the online version of the Journal of Trauma Nursing, access to the Listserv, which will be available to members only, and additional information such as the organization's bylaws. Please send any suggestions for the Web page, whether the public page or the members-only page, to the offices at



The new Web site contains a list of all of the current state and region chairs. Take a look at to see whether your state has a representative and who it is? If your state or region does not have a chair and you are looking to get more involved in the STN, this is an ideal way. Information about the application process is also available online. Contact Janice Delgiorno at for more information.



Looking for a new trauma position? Need to fill a trauma-related position at your hospital? Go to


STN Members who are seeking jobs have free use of the site to post their resume, build a personal career profile, and review jobs posted. Just follow the links to where you want to go. Employers and recruiters are encouraged to post trauma-related positions also, maximizing the exposure of available jobs to the right target audience. The price schedule for posting positions or viewing the resumes posted is available online.


As more resumes and jobs are posted on this site, the more useful it will become. I have already been able to fill one trauma nurse practitioner position for my program by using this site. So, tell a friend and encourage your human resource departments to post your open positions.



The Senior Lifestyles and Injury Prevention (SLIP) program is an injury-prevention program for older adults. As we go to press, this CD-ROM with PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and brochures is being finalized. The plan is for it to be available for sale in the fall. Content includes many topics about safety and injury prevention activities around the home, auto-pedestrian and motor vehicle safety, as well as fall prevention.


This program, developed by the Michigan Trauma Nurse Council (MTNC), has demonstrated a reduction in the rate of injury for participants.


Special thanks goes to all of the members of the MTNC who generously donated the SLIP program to the STN.



Both the national and international Advance Trauma Care for Nurses (ATCN) program sites continue to grow. We now have teaching sites in Puerto Rico, Italy, and Spain!!


There are presently more than 80 sites teaching ATCN in 24 US states and 6 additional countries. The following sites started ATCN in 2007:


Wellmont Holston Valley Medical Center in Kingsport, Tennessee


Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts


University Hospital of Cruces in Bilbao, Spain


Assitrauma in Torino, Italy


Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St Louis, Missouri


Moudon, Switzerland (Start date planned for August)


Christina Care Medical Center in Newark, Delaware (Start date planned for September)



In 2008, we look forward to the release of the new ATCN manual in conjunction with the new Advanced Trauma Life Support (8th ed). We are hoping to have an update at the April 2008 STN conference in New Orleans.


To continually assess and improve ATCN, a new performance improvement (PI) process is being designed. The subcommittee is in the process of finishing the final draft version of the new PI process, which will go to the STN Board for final approval in October.


Check the STN Web site News section at regularly to check for ATCN updates.


The ATCN is looking to fill several positions as ATCN regional directors across the United States. If you would like information on applying for a director position, bringing the ATCN program to your site or any additional information, e-mail the ATCN chair at



It is that time of year again!! We are in the midst of the STN election process as we speak. Check the Web site for exact dates. This year the positions of president elect, treasurer, and 3 directors at large need to be selected. If nominations are still open, consider nominating yourself or others. Also, it is important that you vote. The board officers represent you and can help shape this organization. Every year we endeavor to make the process easier so that you can let your choices be known.



One important goal of the STN is to contribute to the role of trauma nursing leaders by creating an environment to promote, support, and inspire new leaders and excellence in trauma care. To learn how to accomplish this goal, a new work group has been formed chaired by Jacqueline McQuay, Director at Large. The group that includes nurses who are experienced and novice in their roles has already met a few times. They discussed potential items related to leadership development that would be of interest to members. Topics included networking, needs of new and experienced trauma program managers, PI, staff education, developing future leaders, and understanding the American College of Surgeons Trauma standards. Best methods for sharing information were also discussed. These included JTN articles, Webinars, conference presentations, a leadership Web page, and messages in an electronic newsletter. Expect to hear more from this group.


Members include Jacqueline McQuay, Chair; Cathy Fanning; Alice Gervasini; Robynn Gough Smith; Maria McMahon; and Cheryl Workman.



April 9-11, 2008, in New Orleans. Save the Date!!


The conference planning committee is already hard at work to plan another informative, fun conference. There will be a preconference day on April 9. At this point we plan on presenting the TOPIC course and a repeat of the business aspects course. April 10 and 11 will be the main conference dates.


Call for abstracts is going on now. Check the Web site at for exact dates and submission guidelines.