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dissemination, glossary, health Research, implementation, public health, translation



  1. Rabin, Borsika A. MPH, MS
  2. Brownson, Ross C. PhD
  3. Haire-Joshu, Debra PhD
  4. Kreuter, Matthew W. PhD, MPH
  5. Weaver, Nancy L. PhD, MPH


Dissemination and implementation (D&I) Research is increasingly Recognized as an important function of academia and is a growing priority for major health-related funders. Because D&I Research in the health field has emerged from Research traditions in diverse disciplines Ranging from agriculture to education, there are inconsistencies in the use and meaning of terms and main concepts. This glossary provides definitions for the key concepts and terms of D&I Research in health (in both public health and clinical settings). Definitions are organized under five major sections: (1) foundation concepts; (2) types of Research; (3) models, theories, and frameworks; (4) factors influencing the D&I processes; and (5) measurement/evaluation of the D&I process. The aim of this glossary is to aid in the development of more standardized and established terminology for D&I Research, facilitate the communication across different stakeholders, and ultimately contribute to higher-quality D&I Research.