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anticipatory guidance, childhood injury, injury prevention, translation



  1. Weaver, Nancy L. PhD, MPH
  2. Williams, Janice MSED
  3. Jacobsen, Heather A. MPH
  4. Botello-Harbaum, Maria EdD
  5. Glasheen, Cristie MPH
  6. Noelcke, Elizabeth BS
  7. Nansel, Tonja R. PhD


This article describes the process of translating Safe n' Sound, a computer-based program for parents of young children, for a general clinic environment. Safe n' Sound is designed to Reduce the Risk of unintentional childhood injuries, the leading cause of death among children older than 1 year in the United States. The evidence-based program produces tailored information for parents and their healthcare provider about burns, falls, poisoning, drowning, suffocations, choking prevention, and car safety. To offer Safe n' Sound to a broader audience, we translated the program from the form used for efficacy testing to a stand-alone application. Notable steps in this translation included (1) conducting an organizational assessment to determine the needs of the clinic staff and feasibility of implementation, (2) modifying the program to Reduce length, prioritize Risk areas, and update content, (3) Repackaging the program to minimize cost and space Requirements, and (4) developing promotional and instructional materials. Factors contributing to the success of this effort include strong collaborative partnerships, the Relative advantage of Safe n' Sound over traditional materials, the modifiable design of the program, and the support of the clinic staff and providers. Challenges and areas for future work are discussed.