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action planning, concept mapping, translation and dissemination



  1. Arrington, Barbara PhD, FACHE
  2. Kimmey, James MD, MPH
  3. Brewster, Mikki MSW
  4. Bentley, Judy MSN
  5. Kane, Mary MS
  6. Van Brunschot, Catherine MSW, DipOB
  7. Burns, Melissa MRP
  8. Quinlan, Kathleen PhD
  9. Brownson, Ross C. PhD


Across North America and in other parts of the world, there has been a growing Recognition that a large gap exists between public health knowledge generated through scientific discovery and its application in individual, community, organizational, and policy innovation. An academic-funder partnership sought to identify potential actions to improve the translation of public health Research to practice in Missouri. Concept mapping, a structured conceptualization process, was used to develop information to support a local action planning effort to improve Research translation to practice in Missouri. Nine conceptual clusters emerged: (1) provide education and training; (2) enhance capacity; (3) change incentives and accountability; (4) shift funding toward community needs; (5) support practice-based Research; (6) engage and collaborate with the community; (7) share knowledge; (8) engage influentials; and (9) sustain momentum; action plans were drafted to address priorities in each cluster. The project connected the ideas of a wide-ranging set of stakeholders, identified areas of high-level agreement among stakeholders, and supported shared agenda setting.