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biofield, energy field, healing touch, stress



  1. Maville, Janice A. EdD, MSN, CNS, HTP
  2. Bowen, Judith E. MPA, OTR, CHTP
  3. Benham, Grant PhD


The objective of this pilot study was to investigate the effect of Healing Touch on state/trait anxiety and physiological measures of heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, skin conductance, and skin temperature in healthy adults. The study used a single group, repeated measures design with a nonprobability convenience sample of 30 subjects. Physiological data were collected for 10 minutes before intervention, during 30 minutes of Healing Touch treatment, and for 10 minutes posttreatment. During the course of the treatment, changes were observed for all psychological and physiological measures, with the exception of muscle tension that remained constant. Results suggest that Healing Touch treatment is associated with both physiological and psychological relaxation. Further study is warranted to explore the efficacy of Healing Touch as an intervention for stress in healthy adults.