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decision making, end of life, psychometric evaluation



  1. Schirm, Victoria PhD, RN
  2. Sheehan, Denice PhD, RN
  3. Zeller, Richard A. PhD


This article presents descriptive data and a psychometric evaluation of the Preferences for Care Near the End of Life (PCEOL) tool developed by Gauthier and Froman. The PCEOL tool identifies dimensions related to care near end of life and asks respondents to consider personal preferences in the context of their values. Analyses were conducted on data from a convenience sample of 68 adults recruited at a workshop series on anticipatory guidance for end-of-life care. Participants included nurses, nursing students, nursing assistants, social workers, and older adults. Findings supporting a 3-factor structure (personal autonomy, healthcare provider input, and spirituality and family) are interpreted and discussed. Implications are given for using the PCEOL tool in nursing care situations.